Dr. Janice believes that communication is the foundation for all relationships. She believes that people’s opinions of you or your organization are formed by the way you communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Dr. Janice is an author, and award winning public speaker. Dr. Janice was recognized by the National Association of Professional Women as the 2013/2014 professional women of the year for leadership in public speaking. She is a visionary author for Braveheart Women, the largest international online community for female visionaries and was chosen as one of the top ten most influential women on the Southside of Chicago. Janice Fortman is also a VIP member of the Women’s Speakers Association.

Janice Fortman, Ed.D., is the founder and President of JH Fortman & Associates. She is the author of “The Little Book of BIG Behavior Interventions”.  A handbook of interventions for teachers who are confronted with the most common misbehavior problems in elementary school classrooms. She is also the author of “How Not To throw Mama From the Train”, a book about the often challenging relationship between adult daughters and their aging mothers. When she is not speaking and writing, you can find Janice savoring and enjoying life with her husband Keith, who is a cancer survivor.